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EcoFutures Ltd - Elizabeth Dudley
Elizabeth Dudley
Elizabeth Dudley is a trained health professional with extensive experience working with individuals and groups around health and wellbeing. As a psychotherapist she has three years experience treating common and specific disorders such as depression, anxiety, anger, obsessive compulsivity, social anxiety, health anxiety, post traumatic stress and phobias. She has two years experience working with services, communities and families to address issues of anti-social and offending behaviour. Specialist knowledge can be applied to engage and support disaffected and socially isolated groups such as; careers, single parents, unemployed and the elderly.
Currently the government's agenda for change is impacting on services such as the NHS and social care; these changes are impacting on our communities and the health of our societies. The aim is to empower individuals and communities to have physically and mentally healthy futures. EcoFutures will address social isolation by supporting projects and rejuvenation of urban space so communities can reclaim and enjoy not only producing food but being a functional part of their community.

Elizabeth Dudley of Ecofutures
Elizabeth Dudley
BSc Behavioural Sciences, University of Abertay
Introduction to the Theory & Practice of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Sheffield Hallam University
Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Development (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy), Sheffield Hallam University.
MA Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (Pending)
Certificate in Counselling Skills, Huddersfield Technical College
Certificate in Drug Abuse & Misuse, Calderdale College
Member of the BABCP

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