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EcoFutures Ltd - Company Background, History, Mission & Vision

EcoFutures was established in 2007 to address the issues faced by individuals, communities and government around regeneration, community togetherness and a sustainable future.
This incorporates the growing synergy between design and revitalisation of urban landscapes, physical and mental health, community art innitiatives and expertise adapting to changing water systems and flood risk due to climate change.
Despite Green Infrastructure being an integral part of urban planning especially to fulfil biodiversity needs, it is still not properly embedded in how cities are planned and run as the regimes in use and complexities of urban systems are acting as barriers to this (Mees H. (2010)). Climate Greening London, Rotterdam and Toronto. Master's thesis. University of Utrecht). How can this be addressed by a small to medium enterprise?
Our mission and vision for the future: Building resilient, healthy futures for individuals, communities and the environment.
EcoFutures intends to do this through regeneration of urban spaces with local communities and specialist involvement.
We aim to develop the physical, mental and social inclusion of people and communities, providing them with renewable energy, community art projects, urban gardens, food production, manageable flood risk and innovative water supplies.

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