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EcoFutures Ltd - Richard Ashley
Richard Ashley, continued
Water and Flood Risk Management
I am advisor to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the OECD as well as a number of UK Government Departments. I have been involved extensively in numerous collaborative projects with more than 10 European countries dealing with water and flood risk management. My specialist activities encompass sustainability assessment, water systems and flood risk management at a variety of scales, futures assessments, technical, economic, social and environmental assessments. If you are concerned about the changing flood risk to your property or are planning a development, I can give you independent and individual advice about the future prospects that you may be likely to become at risk from flooding from local or other drainage systems. I can offer a personal service for flood risk assessment and planning for management from individual properties up to large developments & areas. Options for managing this flood risk including measures for individual properties and larger areas can also be provided within the context of changing climate and measures being provided by the main agencies.
Key Skills
Leadership and project management
Water system analysis, computer modelling and design
Flood resilience planning and design
Sustainability assessment and planning
Futures and climate change adaptation
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