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Examples of Publications and Reports
Ashley R M., Blackwood D J., Butler D., Jowitt P. (2004).Sustainable water services: A procedural guide. International Water Association. ISBN 1-843390-65-5.
Evans EP., Ashley R M., Hall J., Penning-Rowsell E., Saul A., Sayers P., Thorne C., Watkinson A. (2004). Foresight. Future Flooding Vol I - Future risks and their drivers. Office of Science and Technology. April.
Evans EP., Ashley R M., Hall J., Penning-Rowsell E., Sayers P., Thorne C., Watkinson A. (2004). Foresight. Future Flooding Vol II - Managing future risks. Office of Science and Technology. April.
Ashley R M., Cashman A. (2006). The Impacts of Change on the Long-term Future Demand for Water Sector Infrastructure. Chapter 5 In: INFRASTRUCTURE TO 2030: TELECOM, LAND TRANSPORT, WATER AND ELECTRICITY - ISBN 92-64-02398-4 - OECD.
Cashman A., Ashley R M. (2007). The mosquito, the elephant and the House of Lords Water Management Inquiry. DOI 10.1179/030801807X211757.INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 2007, VOL. 32, No. 3 p283-297.
Ashley R M., Parker D., Hurley A L., Cashman A. (2008). Flooding: Engineering Resilience. A report prepared for Institution of Civil Engineers. February.
Fewtrell, L., Butler, D., Memon, F.A., Ashley, R. and Saul, A. (2008). An overview of UK-based Health Impact Assessment research on water management and flooding. In Health Impact Assessment for Sustainable Water Management, Fewtrell, L. and Kay, D. (Eds.), IWA Publishing London, pp 29-43, ISBN: 9781843391333.
Ashley R., Stovin V., Moore S., Hurley L., Lewis L., Saul A. (2009). London Tideway Tunnels Programme - Thames Tunnel Project Needs Report - Potential source control and SUDS applications: Land use and retrofit options 29th July. Thames Water.
Faram M., Ashley R M., Chatfield P., Andoh R. (2010). Appropriate Drainage Systems for a Changing Climate. Proc. Of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Engineering Sustainability 163, June 2010, issue ES2 p 107-116 paper 900052 doi 10.1680/ensu.2010.163.2.107.
Ashley R M., Blanksby J R (2010). Flooding at Cypress Gardens, Longlevens Estate, Gloucester Summer 2007. Final Report September for Beachcroft LLP.
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